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QBox™ will analyze your NLP training data to let you improve the accuracy of your chatbot, giving you 100% confidence to go LIVE.

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How QBox makes your chatbot smarter

QBox helps you make the most of your NLP provider by assisting you with optimizing your training data.

QBox tests your AI chatbot with your chosen provider and identifies which type of conversation your NLP training data is good at recognizing, and which it is not.


  • Measures understanding

    Giving you the confidence to go live

  • Increases knowledge

    So you can scale your chatbot domain

  • Monitors live interactions

    So you can observe your users’ behavior

  • Is easy to use

    Putting the subject-matter expert in charge

How QBox makes your chatbot smarter

Over 300 big and small companies are already
improving their chatbots with QBox

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QBox is growing rapidly and as our customer base grows so does our presence. Take a look at the case studies and articles featuring QBox.

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