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QBox is being used across many industries.

Read about the results and improvements our customers are getting by integrating QBox into their chatbot model training workflow.

Qbox case studies
Perfomance increase

See how a Fortune 500 company increased model performance by at least 2x by tuning with QBox

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Chatbot accuracy increase

See how a university increased their chatbot answering accuracy to 98% just by working on their training data

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Who is QBox helping

Over 300 big and small companies are already improving their chatbots with QBox

Accenture American Red Cross Bell Canada eBay Emirates epam HIA hulu Intuit Monash University Natwest Nestle NetApp Providence Sky SNBC Vodafone


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We've partnered with the Conversation Design Institute!

CDI is the world’s leading training and certification institute for designing conversational interfaces. We share the same beliefs in supporting individuals and companies in creating the best performing conversational AI platforms.

The CDI team understand the value and importance of utilising analysis tools such as QBox, and we champion their work in helping you to get the most out of your investments and efforts in your chatbot real estate. Good conversation design and strong training data are the perfect combination!

QBox in the news

Read about what Gartner thinks about QBox in their publications (requires an account)

Also see more in-depth information about QBox on our Medium page.

QBox is award winning

  • Winner of innovative tech company

    Winner Innovative Tech Company

  • Winner of emerging tech company

    Winner Emerging Tech Company

It has developed and maintained leading market positions across a range of technologies, especially AI and natural language processing and continues to innovate, develop and launch potentially ground-breaking solutions.

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If you work with natural-language data models and you’re looking to quickly and easily understand, analyse, and improve the performance and results of chatbots and conversational AI platforms, QBox is the tool for you and we will show you why.

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