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With QBox™ you can test, understand and fix your chatbot's behaviour in a matter of minutes. No integration needed, no configuration required on your chatbot. Simple.

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Word Density is here

Our newest feature for Spring 2022 is available now – Measure the representation of every word in your model.

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What our customers say

“QBox helps us keep our customers happy by greatly improving the quality of our NLP model, resulting in a better chatbot and a higher success rate for our bot. And a better bot leads to better KPIs and happier customers.”
What our customers say

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How is QBox's K-fold cross-validation going to help

  • Accuracy

    Gain 20% in 3 months.
    See with in-depth data visualisations how QBox increases the number of questions your conversational AI chatbot answers correctly.

  • Scale

    Increase the scope of your chatbot domain.
    With K-Fold cross-validation and blind dataset testing, add new intents whilst measuring improvement and regression across the model.

  • Velocity

    Accelerate your chatbot's improvement and measure against key ML performance metrics.
    In just 12 weeks with QBox's K-fold cross-validation, our clients have seen chatbot performance double or triple.

  • Control

    Tired of analysing your confusion matrix and making trial and error decisions?
    Empower chatbot trainers to make informed decisions using QBox's low-code and in-depth data visualisations.

Who is QBox helping

Over 300 big and small companies are already improving their chatbots with QBox's K-fold cross-validation

American Red Cross Bell Canada DAZN FNB eBay Emirates epam HIA Infosys Intuit Johnson & Johnson Monash University Nationwide Natwest Nestle NetApp Nokia Providence Sky SNBC Vodafone Walt Disney


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