World’s leading conversational AI testing solution

With QBox™ you can test, understand and fix your chatbot's behaviour in minutes. No integration needed; no configuration required and less hassle to deliver a better experience for your customers.

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Level-up your cost efficiency

QBox reduces the amount of time taken to identify opportunities for your NLU to better understand your customers and where gaps appear in your chatbot's conversation flows with customers.

Both before and after your chatbot has conversed with customers, QBox's insight empowers conversational AI trainers to improve accuracy. Thus, increasing the proportion of conversations your chatbot can reliably fulfill.

The world’s biggest companies
need world class chatbots

QBox is used by forward-thinking global businesses that are committed to delivering the best customer experience through virtual assistants.

Lloyds Bank Natwest Vodafone Sky Intuit SNCB Johnson & Johnson

See how QBox customers have realized their chatbot’s potential

Over 25,000 manual testing hours saved per year
Successfully reduced training utterances by 70%,
resulting in a manageable and stable model
A day's manual work is now done in an hour with QBox
Increased performance by 31%
whilst decreased regressions by 51%

How is QBox going to help you

  • Understand

    Identify chatbot improvement, imbalance and bias. Gain insight for where best to invest time in optimizing your conversational AI.

  • Resolve

    Fix with powerful insight-driven training data and validate performance gains whilst preventing regression.

  • Review

    Ensure accuracy is maintained on an ongoing basis. React quickly to change.

See QBox in action

QBox is an excellent tool that provides a comprehensive and customizable application for testing conversational AI applications. It simplifies and accelerates the testing process, improves accuracy, and helps users deliver high-quality digital assistants.

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