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Automatically visualise the quality of your training data with your preferred NLP provider.

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QBox™, with patent-pending technology, has been developed to bridge a skills gap for understanding and managing the performance, accuracy and stability of natural-language data models. It lowers barriers to deploying AI-powered conversational platforms by visualizing the performance of models, helping to measure, modify, and scale them at speed. Its interoperability functionality allows organizations and brands to adopt an agile and agnostic conversational AI strategy, allowing models to be easily assessed and switched between NLP service providers.

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Also take a look at how our automated service can test thousands of daily ‘chats’. Our QBox Enterprise plan allows data scientists to spend less time deciphering models and more on improving them.

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With QBox, you have the ability to manage the natural-language data models that power your clients’ conversational platforms.

Managing your clients’ models brings you closer to them, as the information and insight you gather, can be used to make changes and improvements for better performing chatbots.

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