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Our QBox tuned models
are performing at least
2x better than our
models without
QBox tuning.

QBox tuned models
Fortune 500 company

One of our customers is a Fortune 500 company, working across multiple industries:

Despite the chatbot market being relatively new, this customer knew chatbots could provide a competitive advantage, but didn’t realise just how complex the whole training process could get.

How does the AI team in a
game-changing enterprise
train AI assistants efficiently?

With multiple chatbots serving different industries, our customer’s AI team was managing a highly complex training process to understand and improve the performance of its chatbots.

This involved analysing customer responses to a satisfaction survey at the end of every conversation. If a chatbot wasn’t performing well, chatbot specialists would investigate why specific interactions were unsuccessful and, in some cases, reach out to subject-matter experts who would advise them which content they should retrain on and how they could do so.

Rather than seeking help and support from their natural language processing (NLP) provider, our customer wanted more independence to train and monitor its chatbots internally.

QBox has quickly become an essential component of our chatbot development and sustaining efforts.

“After restructuring our model with the highest traffic using QBox, customer questions fall into the correct intent 94% of the time.”

Senior Project Manager

What needed to change?

  • Low success rates
  • Limited time and resources for dealing with delays
  • Inconsistent ways of measuring chatbots’ performance
  • Complicated workflow for training chatbots
  • Limited external support

Unlocking more value with QBox

QBox is a first-to-market Gartner-recognised AI middleware application that addresses the challenges associated with understanding the performance of your chatbot and determining how to improve its accuracy.

Gartner introduced QBox to its VP of technology, who had complete confidence that QBox would help simplify its processes. Why? Because our tool is the only one that predicts how your chatbot behaves before and after it goes live.

Because it’s cloud-based, QBox setup is really straightforward. This meant our customer started testing and training its chatbots more efficiently very quickly.

Using QBox, our customer now has a complete bird’s-eye view of its chatbots, and a crystal-clear visual representation of its data. This gives it everything it needs to assess the performance of its chatbots, predict any potential fallbacks and plan ahead with comprehensive roadmaps.

The customer perspective: how QBox helped

  • 94% accuracy in terms of identifying the right intent in customers’ questions

  • Easy-to-understand visual representation of data

  • In-app
    training video

  • New features
    added regularly

  • Reliable and dedicated support team

See QBox in action

QBox is an excellent tool that provides a comprehensive and customizable application for testing conversational AI applications. It simplifies and accelerates the testing process, improves accuracy, and helps users deliver high-quality digital assistants.

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